Blue Jay is a simple student owned company that sells origami made by hand on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This started as a little summer project, and ended up as real business. Here, you'll find cute and simple paper goods, but also what you need to decorate a party to its best! Origami does not only need to be seen as the Japanese art of paper folding but also a new trend that's not expensive, and more elegant than plastic ornaments. You can either choose one of the patterns we offer, or pick another one in the link at the bottom of this page. For larger orders, you may send us your own paper by postal mail. We'll be happy to use it! Share this with your friends and family, or go follow us on Instagram if you have time. 

From a simple origami, we create invitations, place cards,  garlands, greeting cards, and more! Will the origami paper wear out easily? No. We spray or paint some of the more delicate items with a transparent sealer so they don't get damaged. 

Beauty and quality is what this store is all about. Check out the Shop for more details on our products and visit the Special Events section for packages, subscribe to the Newsletter for more updates, no spam! We may not be able to upload all of the special holiday products on time, but you can always find them on our Instagram page and direct message/contact us if interested.

There are automatically only two choices of patterned paper for each origami model we sell. If you would like another paper, click HERE to choose the one you prefer immediately after placing your order. No charges included, it's fast and free. The paper we use is the Japanese Origami paper pack, which can be purchased online.

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