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      Blue Jay Origami was established in July 2018 as a simple summer vacation project. My name is Delphine and I'm the creator of this store, origami has always been a strong passion for me; folding paper is like an anti-stress coloring book! I really hope I can start enlarging my business one day. I used to make origami as a hobby when I was younger. Earlier this year I started thinking: "why not try to sell my crafts during the summer?". Then, a few months later, I created my very first company!  Blue Jay's goal is to make event planning easy as possible for people to arrange, with reasonable prices and great quality at the same time. I want to keep this store simple and elegant and am hoping to earn more returning customers little by little. I want this shop to qualify as a small, high end/high quality stationery for either casual gifts or party decorations of your choice. Blue Jay is an online store but we're planning on selling some of our products in local shops in Massachusetts. Subscribe to our mailing list to be updated when new arrivals come out, or if a new store is selling our origami. From a simple origami, we create invitations, place cards,  garlands, greeting cards, and more! Will the origami paper wear out? No. We spray or paint some of the more delicate items with a transparent sealer so they don't get damaged. Beauty and quality is what this store is all about. Check out the Shop for more details on our products and visit the Special Events section for packages, subscribe to the Newsletter for more updates, no spam.


I love origami because it's the transformation of a simple blank sheet of paper into something amazing. Origami is timeless!

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