Frequently asked questions

Do you provide international delivery?

Unfrotunately, we do not provide international delivery yet. We only ship to the US.

Can I return an item?

All of our products are non refundable and non returnable. You can, however, contact us before the items you purchased have been produced (if you realize, for example, that you've made a mistake in your order) to see if there's a possibility that it can be canceled in time.

How do I track my order?

Tracking is optional, and not included in your purchase. We are not responsible for lost packages if the customer does not use the tracking option.

Can I find some of your products in local stores?

We are planning on selling our origami in local stores (in Massachusetts and Vermont) but are mainly focused on launching the online store in the first place.

Where do all of your origami models come from?

Blue Jay has three main categories concerning our products: -The origami we create -Other designers' origami -Traditional origami The origami we create ourselves is copyrighted and private domain. Others' origami are the designs other origami creators have given us the legal right to sell on Traditional origami are public domain crafts that can be folded and sold by any individual (e.g. crane, boat, etc...).